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Savage Habit Exchange is a creative lifestyle brand that re-invents fashion and introduces designer trends all while promoting outlets for positive change.  Change in the world - by sourcing vintage materials to reduce textile waste,  as well as in our community - by connecting to the youth and teaching about the healing benefits found in the creative process. Founded in 2018 in the Art District of Harrisburg, PA we have found our healing and passion in design and the arts and wish to promote a lifestyle of  reaching the highest version of ones self through creative expression. 

See our current mission to bring design to the streets at:

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Savage Habit Exchange is dedicated to empowering their customers through a combination of hand crafted garments, creativity, and understanding while being environmentally responsible. 


- We value your story and will strive to show understanding and give comfort and strength through our garments.

- We value preserving our earth's resources, and strive to use only repurposed or recycled materials in our process whenever possible.

- We value our community and to be a source of light in the darkness of trauma, tragedy, and adversity. 

- We value products that last and are of good quality to ensure that you will have it, wear it, and love for years to come.

"I will never forget making my first custom jean jacket for myself using bits and pieces of different things I liked and felt like represented me as a person. When I finished this jacket and wore it for the first time, the feeling that I had was something I cannot put into words. In a world where I constantly felt judgement - I found a way to rep my own personal truth without having to speak a word. I thought that if I could help another person to feel the way I did in that moment through clothing, I would make it my life purpose. " 

 -Jeannine, Designer

We appreciate you being here and supporting me in this journey. God bless.

Jeannine Marie Harbin


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